Come out of the tent of the causality." ...Dispose of the pledge of the office of Gwanghwamun, which has become a controversy over the lack of communicatio

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เมื่อ: 2019-01-07 10:20:15
Lee Yang-soo, spokesman of the Liberty Korea Party, said on Monday, "It is not important to the public where the presidential office is located, whether it is Cheong Wa Dae or Gwanghwamun." The problem is whether or not the president is actually communicating with the public."

"As long as the president, whether at Cheong Wa Dae or at Gwanghwamun, is surrounded by his close aides, does not communicate with the people and uses an imperial power, communication with the people is impossible in the first place. We deplore the fact that the president does not realize the nature of the issue of "communication with the people."

Kim Jeong-hyun, spokesman of the Democratic Peace Party, also said in a commentary on the previous day, "This pledge reflects the presidential candidate`s willingness to communicate with the people, unlike other pledges." "If we fail to keep our presidential election pledge, it is right for the president to explain the circumstances and apologize to the public."
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